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Hey Yall! Let us introduce ourselves and tell you a little about us.

We are Branded Cotton.  Two sister-in-laws and best friends designing up, producing and sharing our love for casually cute and always comfortable tees. What started out as a name we made up over coffee and a day dream we couldn’t stop dreaming about, turned into our full time gig called Branded Cotton. In September 2017 we dove in head first and haven’t stopped since...

We are Brooke & Lindsey... the faces behind every tee posted, ordered, invoiced, designed, printed, packaged and shipped. Yes, that's right it's just us! From start to finish your tee is done up just right and just for you by a couple small town girls in our office located in San Angelo, Texas.

What sets Branded Cotton apart from other tshirts? First off, duh they are so cute! Every shirt at Branded Cotton is custom designed by one of our owners and always a collaboration of ideas and inspirations coming from our day to day lives in west Texas.

We are wives, moms, barn help and worshipers just like many of our customers sharing our southern style and love for casual, cute and comfortable tees for every season of life. We are 3 Texas loving, Starbucks drinking, moms and a Nanny, who survive on a whole lot of grace, love and piles and piles of tshirts!

Most importantly though, if you haven’t felt the difference in Branded Cotton you are missing out. Wear one of our tees and you will have trouble buying any “other brand” again. Branded Cotton sells only the best premium cotton blended tees on the market. Comfort is everything and never sacrificed at Branded Cotton. Softness is our signature!

Ask either of us and we will tell you our faith and family comes first. We pride ourselves in being a family run, small business. When you buy from Branded Cotton your are supporting our family and we love you for that!

No doubt Branded Cotton keeps us busy and in between the chaos, the kids, the sheep and piles of tshirt’s you can find our little family working hard, counting our blessing and enjoying each other and this business we are building together.

We must say it is so rewarding to see others doing life in Branded Cotton! From big events to small, we are filled with pride walking into boutiques with our tees on display, seeing you around town and pictures on social media in your BC! Keep them coming and always #brandedcotton!

If you are ever in San Angelo please stop by and say hello! We would love to show you what goes into Branded Cotton! See you soon!